DrivePro® Preventive Maintenance

DrivePro® Preventive Maintenance

Take the guesswork out of your maintenance plan

With a structured maintenance program tailored to your needs, you can boost operational efficiency and reduce the effects of wear and tear with DrivePro® Preventive Maintenance.

Extend the life of your AC drives

DrivePro® Preventive Maintenance consists of regular inspections and time interval component replacement according to the product-specific maintenance schedule based on an on-site audit of your installation, environment, and load profile.

The maintenance plan is custom designed to suit specific AC drive types, AC drive system demands, and environmental challenges per installation. Tailored plans can be created by measured values for environment conditions, current loading, and customer application. Installation and environment conditions are recorded at each maintenance inspection for variations. Customers will receive report recommendations after each inspection for further service actions if required or changes to the maintenance plan based on variations to environment, load, line power, process control, aging, or customer use to ensure trouble-free operation and long life of the AC drive.

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